RS 1500 US 2 Track

A „brand new“ Technics RS 1500 US with new caps, felts and other improvements bringing the input and output devices into „blossom“. I am so happy not having sold my master tape copies enjoying now music on the highest niveau.

The ASC (AS 6002 SC) is a very famous machine, not very well known outside of Germany. The technology and the sound quality is not very far away from the professional studio machines. It is a kind of understatement design, quite near to the appearance of the famous BRAUN units of that time (see on this blog: „MPS – Duke“, „I am still listening to my tapes“, „ASC 6002 SC“, „Monty Live in Montreux – on tape“).

I am using balanced Audioquest Cheetah cables (excellent silver) with good adaptors for the route to the ARC 40 preamp.

The design of the Technics is the most beautiful one 🥰

5 thoughts on “RS 1500 US 2 Track

  1. This is a beautiful semiprofessional deck that I have been restoring for years now. Take a look at the process if you will.



    • Great Salvo!
      So you are a real expert on this unit! My 1500 is a kind of „decor tape“, just staying around in the room – never touched until the restoration started.


      • I am working on one right now that has the oscillator that seem damaged and will not record. Hope to mend it soon.


  2. E,
    Back in 1980 I was trying to decide between this deck and the ReVox B77, both were half track. I bought the ReVox, which was a little more money and I knew when I left the store I made a mistake. I replaced the B77 with a Pioneer RT1050, which was so much better but I’ve never forgotten the RS 1500. So smooth, so many usable features and the closed loop drive!

    They are hard to come by now, I wish Panasonic would build them again. There is a market now, a good solid demand for these machines.

    It looks wonderful Eckart. I’m impressed by the like new head stack. If you can get a second set for it, that would be nice to have. I still have several NOS head stacks for the Pioneer, which I can’t believe I sold. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. When you sell something you then realize how good it really was!

    This one is keeper Eckart. Enjoy my friend!



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