3 thoughts on “The Beatles in Mono

  1. The new set is cut on a modern Neumann lathe using solid state amplifiers while the original was cut using beautiful, high powered tube amps, my money is on the original monos.


    • David,
      Seems to me that the whole planet is discussing these lps reissues and comparing, debating flatness of the records, sound vs originals, tapes,…you name it. I see no comments on the actual musical content. Maybe somebody will at some stage? Unless it’s a given etc…? My wife love the bealtes music and can dance to that be it from an ipad or huge western electric horns in mon of format.
      All fun…


  2. You’re right, they seem to be very popular. I’m not a Beatles fan, never was, my curiosity is purely technical. I don’t have many of the audiophile reissues and the few that I own are only a distant shadow of the originals. The constant remastering seems to suck the life out of the recordings.


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