The New Vinyl

collectors of audio and recording equipment do need investing on vintage reel-to-reel tapes on a broader bases which makes it a somehow costly adventure. The high prices of good software is the only reason why I see many of my friends taking their fingers off the subject. Nevertheless when listening to excellent master tape copies they agree it is the better vinyl. So what to do?

Tape 1

from my point of view a start into tapes is worth a try. You may slowly build up a small library which means indeed COLLECTING. You also do not buy all Jazz CDs despite most of the music is available. So why not go for “10 titles” in the beginning and start exploring this wonderful world.

Tape 2

I am getting so excited when I am listening to my Miles Davis master tape copy of “Kind of Blue”. You hear the instruments on a totally silent background and it feels like the trumpet of Miles or the sax of Coltrane are standing in the room. Recently I went for the “MPS Duke tapes” after having invested on the Oscar Peterson tapes “Exlusively for my friends” one year ago. Those recordings were excellent even on vinyl as the environment, the recording philosophy and the love for the music came together.

Tape last

You find excellent Reel to Reel machines for serious prices. I guess there will be a big renaissance of the tape business in the next time…believe me!

Tape 8


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