6 thoughts on “being on the needle…

  1. Eckart,
    That’s probably the most impressive Coltrane selection I’ve ever seen, I recommend that Alice Coltrane’s ‘Translinear Light’, as it features Johns son Ravi sounding very much like his father. In addition it’s a excellent dynamic jazz disc.
    You’ve inspired mr to play Blue Train while I read some more of your blog and sip some bourbon. Cheers.


  2. Norman,

    A wonderful CD of Alice! Indeed! I have seen Ravi at Blue Note in Manhattan some years ago when he was attending a 8 men saxophon combo on the stage. Very impressive!



  3. Jeff,
    I do differentiate between 4 types of EMT: the vintage Backelite ones, you may see the Mono types I am using on the R-80; the TSD ones – you see the yellow, gold one and the Mono 25; the new EMT line you see in the catalogue today (the one shown on the image on the right side is a Lzi, not produced anymore but you get others in a similar style); the modified ones I put in an EMT square headshell like the Ortofon A95 (on the image at the left side) or a Fidelity Research in a square EMT headshell (got it in Japan).

    I am using all these carts in a vintage line: Ortofon RMA tonearm, Western Electric 618B SUT, 2 EMT 139a mono pres and EMT JA 66 preamp.

    There are differences between all these carts. Nevertheless I am also using other carts on my other tables as the AS carts, the Lyras, the ART1000, the FRs, Zyx, Goldfingerv2, Kondo, the SPUs, the Neumann’s etc. A description on sound would lead to far, it is also a matter of hearings. Maybe you will focus on a special question putting it forward to me?



    • Hi,
      I’m interested in the EMT JSD-6 which I believe is the cartridge next to the Ortofon A95. I’m curious how the EMT sounds as compared to the A95 which I’ve heard extensively. My current favorite on my system (Acoustic Signature Ascona, SME 3012R, LAMM LP2) is the Ortofon SPU 95. Thank you.


  4. Eckart,

    The original EMT line I think was manufactured by Ortofon. You can see this as the motors are very similar. Eventually EMT began to alter the Ortofon design with the EMT OFS/D 65 in bakelite.

    The gentleman that restored my (yes I miss it) EMT 927 recommend that I find a Neumann DST 61 and a EMT 997 tonearm. Neither of which I was able to do before selling. Reading this post makes me want to look for another. Maybe a EMT 930?

    The vintage line must sound amazing. I never had the EMT 139ST with my table so I never really was able to experience how a proper EMT setup would sound. Nevertheless, it was the finest turntable that I’ve ever listened too.



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