3 thoughts on “It’s a Sony (not on carts…)

  1. E.,
    You knew I couldn’t leave this one alone. =) Yes, one of the finest digital cameras of all time. I use the A7RII often with the wonderful Zeiss optics. However most of my work is still shot using the old A850 and Minolta prime lenses.
    The Voigtlander lenses are likewise incredible! Mount one to your Lecia M and smile the whole time your shooting as they are tack sharp!
    And if you are a range finder fan (I am going to hear it on this one), the Voigtlander Bessa line of cameras (Bessa R, R2, 4 etc) have the best, brightest viewfinders every made! Yes, better than Leica and no I mean no rangefinder patch flare at all.
    Nice post as always!


  2. N.,
    You’re an expert in those beautiful rangefinder lenses and cameras! Indeed the Voigtlaender (Cosima) lenses offer an incredible price/quality ratio. I only know the Bessas from friends. In case you wanna go for exceptional quality try the Noctilux. 95 with your Leica. Handling is not easy but…



  3. E.
    I do have the ancient Canon 50mm f/O.95 which I use with a screw to ‘m’ mount adapter. It allows me to shoot in ‘available’ darkness. =). But truthfully it’s very soft wide open and not very sharp stopped down. It also blocks some of the viewfinder on my M6. But if you need a fast lens it’s nice to have in your bag.


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