The Kondo IO-m connected via SFz step-up (1 Ohm setting) to the Allnic H5000 Direct Heated Triode phonopre comprises a beautifully open and warm sound. I liked it as never before than in this configuration on the SPJ Titanium tonearm and the Caeles table.




while running at 33,3 rpm

2 thoughts on “IO-m

  1. E,
    I am a huge fan of dialing in cartridge loads for best performance, even with moving magnet cartridges. However, doesn’t such a small load negatively effect the low end bass performance? It does sweeten up the high end but I am wondering if you may be at the cost of low end dynamics?
    I don’t such exotic cartridges you, but I might try this on a few just to see..


  2. N.,
    Not necessarily. The loading impedance is very important to be matched with the preamp or the SUT. This is the biggest mistake users can do when dealing with SUTs. As you know two spools must see each other, the spool of the cart and the spool of the SUT. When you do it like I did, 1 ohm with 1 ohm you can be assured that this is the Kondo chain the developers wanted to have: brilliant bass guarenteed 🤣



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