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The VPI SDS motor control is one of the finest and most helpful motor steerings for turntables. Unfortunately it is not built anymore. I do use two motors with two control units.  To balance the pulling force of both sides I usually assess the vectors by a simple method.






4 thoughts on “motor control

  1. The best future of this posting is the tension meter that if you back it up with a tentelometer you have a nice set of tools to service your tape machines and keep happy the tape heads and your tapes.


  2. The turntable driven here is a especially built heavy steel platter combined with a SDP top platter thus allowing no direct connection with the originally designed Micro Seiki spindle and the excellent hard belts. Everyone who has experienced a design like this one knows about the excellence it provides for the sound.
    The VPI motor controllers add to the accuracy of the speed.
    I know others prefer direct drive and rim drive which I like very much too. This kind of belt drive is exceptional and absolutely precise. The sound is straight and overwhelming.



  3. E.,
    So do you,use the VPI units in addition to the Caeles’ own motor controls, or do the VPI units replace them?
    I recall once seeing someone using a VPI outboard ‘RIM’or idler drive unit that pressed up against the platter along with a VPI Belt drive unit to create a ‘push/pull’ system. It worked but was very difficult to setup properly.
    Can you hear a difference using the two motors over just one? I’m curious about this as I have seen several tables now using two and even three motor units..


  4. N.,
    The Caeles is now driven by two Sperling motors, the SDP Micro table -shown here- is driven by the two VPI motors. Two motors is the best you can do for your table but you have to adjust them properly.



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