Excellent Jazz Records

Before Xmas you really can enjoy highest quality Jazz.

Remember the Keith Jarrett concert in Munich, 3 years ago. Two days before just in front of Keith Jarrets hotel in Nizza we were faced with the cruel massacre by a terrorist.
We expected a cancellation of the concert but Keith played the evening without mentioning it. I was there and he played a fantastic evening, you do not hear his words on the record. A great solo piano recording.

Avishar Cohen surprised us with a wonderful Trio-impression. He signed the cover I recently got in Berlin. I loved his appearance in Munich, see my writings.

E.S.T. with the unforgotten Esbjörn Svensson launched a Live Recording. What shall I say? Since I have seen them on the stage at Circus Crone in the beginnings of the new century I am one of their core fans.

Ahmad Jamal is the only one I have not seen personally and I need doing this. The 89 years old French man plays in his first solo-album some of the songs of his great album Marseille. You will love these intime Ballads and will end up with watery eyes…

4 thoughts on “Excellent Jazz Records

  1. Eckart,

    Excellent selections! I always enjoyed the way Keith Jarrett played piano, it took me years to get used to hearing his vocal expressions. For me, at one time it used to take away from his music, but now I am used to hearing it. Other than Bill Evans, I have more Keith Jarrett than anything else. I especially enjoy his Trio work. Touching story about the concert, If you hadn’t mentioned it I would have never put that together.

    Avishar Cohen is one I am not familiar with. I will order this.

    Esbjörn Svensson Trio. Yes! I have all of their work. I think it’s ten or eleven years now since his death. E.S.T. is one of my wife’s favorites to listen too.

    Ahmad Jamal, Live at Montreal Jazz Fest is one of my favorites. My 1958 copy of Live at the Pershing Lounge is a gem as well. Ahmad seems to get better with time.

    As a side note, I don’t think I have ever noticed the dust cover on the EMT. I’m not sure that I have ever seen a dust cover on one before. I would have liked that while I had my 927. I miss it! The huge industrial looking table is still my favorite.
    Maybe I would try a 930 as it will fit into a nice wooded plinth?



  2. Norman,
    well commented. Yes, I need to get the Pershing Lounge, but Marseille is not bad at all!!
    Regarding your EMT ❤️ love. I do understand it. The dust cover is new and was made by me.



  3. Eckart, (my friend)
    I sold my 927 and I miss it every day. The day you pack this up to ship away, you will be very sad.
    Trust me. I know.


  4. Norman, you sent me a friendly advise I followed on. I had some nice people asking for but in the end they did not know what kind of a bargain they would made in comparison to new modern High Quality players, like Kronos, Kondo, TW Acoustic Black Raven, Rui Borges, Burmester 175, NVS, VPI, Sota, Döhmann, Bergmann, Vyger, Basis, TechDas, AS 2000 etc.
    I guess they had never listened to a 927 or R80 idler Drive in best condition.
    I am not sad about this first listing and stay with my R 80.



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