Young & Old

There are many live recordings of The Rolling Stones. One record was just published these days, the Steel Wheel Tours of 1989.

Their latest song „Living in a Ghost Town“ appeared on a 45“ medium sized Lp. It is made very well, perfectly recorded and pressed. A great rock´n roll record! An absolute must have for every rock fan.

One thought on “Young & Old

  1. this record the brussels affair is insanely good music this is the stones at their best i have lusted after a copy that was pressed for the fan club and cost large money imagine my excitement when i ordered the box set of goats head reissue with to knowing what was in it when i opened it i can’t believe my eyes it -as good as goats tead soup is- is the better record and for any fan of the stones or real rock and roll easily with the price of the box set up there with let it bleed and sticky fingers hope you got the mono box few years back was dsd but to my ears with my miyajima zero on a groove master /401/allnic/pass/devore sounds great
    great site great set up thanks for share


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