Better Vinyl

Just 20 years ago we saw a lot of CDs flooding the market. Today, when I visit the usual shops or order on line, LPs of all kinds make the sale. Not only in Jazz, also in Pop or Rock.

While the Jazz records always showed a good recording and pressing quality it used to be very different in the rock segment. Low quality pressings, warped vinyl and a hell of distortion clicks at rock records were not rare.

In the meantime Audiophile users put some pressure on the market, leading to various vinyl magazines writing regulary about the quality of the records too. At the same time recording companies like Abbey Road or Realworld established new lines of mastering (e.g. half speed mastering). The Remastering process was changed to a higher quality standard, not softening the sound and putting vocals in the background. It looks like the companies have discovered the new taste of Audiophile lovers.

A good example is Prince ´s „Sign O´ The Times“. Pressed on two records the „new quality“ is such amazing, instruments and drums are just great – nearly overwhelming. No clicks, no distortion sound! Another example is Fleetwood Mac ´s. „Then play on“. The half speed mastered vinyl is absolutely exceptional. We need to say „Thank You“ to the Recording Studios and Printing Factories. A good development!

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