Dark Beauty

Finally I got the perfect mastering & pressing of „Layla“.
Desperately I was looking around for a sound format providing me with a good quality.

I learned that Layla means Dark Beauty in Persian. The recording session in Miami at Atlantic South-Criteria Studios around the start of the 70ies could have been better than the fist results showed. Nevertheless the half-speed mastering of Miles Showell at Abbey Road Records lets you forget the harsh tones of the voices I always heard before. The sound is homogenous and lovely. It now makes fun listening to the whole record!

The box comes with additional tracks (not half speed mastered) recorded at Abbey Road Studios in 1970 during the sessions of George Harrison’s „All Things Must Pass“ and some live recordings at the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville. LP 4 was recorded at Olympic Studios in London.

During Xmas I enjoyed the music by consuming some helpful small vaccines…

2 thoughts on “Dark Beauty

  1. Eckart,

    What a nice package presentation. I have the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab version, and it’s not so bad. The MFSL pressing is a little softer then the original LP which helps with the harsh midrange.

    Yes, I am looking forward to some vacations later this evening.

    Nice post!



    • Hi Norman,
      I usually like the MFSL pressings. Sometimes they differ, have some very good old ones ( ca. 180 plus 8 UHCRs).Also the new ones are better than the originals. Some people regard them as too slow or down leveled which does not match the majority. They are half speed mastered as well. I do have the Live record of the group, unfortunately not containing Layla.

      All the best


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