HDMI DSD extraction

My SACD collection will be transferred to DSD data on Micro SDs such using the music in my Astell & Kern 240. Source is a Sony player (UBP-X800M2) providing all Hi Res formats. You need to switch the Sony´s readout option of the menue onto HDMI in the DSD/RAW bitstream format in Stereo! Therefore a connection with a TV is necessary!!!

Using the HDMI input of the D.BOB unit (placed here on the left side) the data are put into DoP via HDMI Audioquest Cinnamon cable. The HDMI connection provides the full resolution (DSD64). In the next step a digital S/pdif  output from the D.BOB to the ADI-2 DAC (unit shown on the right side – a studio machine) is used to bring the extracted data via an Audio Note Pallas cable to my Tascam recorder using the analog XLR outputs from the ADI-2.
It is important to start the D.BOB first, then switching all other units, player, DAC and Tascam, into operational mode. The Tascam records DSD at 5.6 MHz. A 32 GB Micro SD card takes up to 7-8 SACDs.

In the digital sector we see a minimization of the circuits and chips allowing to build smaller cases for the units, therefore opting for a combination of a „smaller set of instruments“ rather than the dCS chain which will be my main system for listening in my big room. The sound of the transferred SACDs is overwhelming, very much analogue, in case you like listening to Hi Res data when traveling.  I do prefer the AKT9iE plug in earphones from A&K / Beyerdynamic or Sennheiser Momentum 3 noise cancelling headphones.

One thought on “HDMI DSD extraction

  1. Dear E.
    that is a tremendous advice! I have never heard of the DBob and it is just the solution I needed for my sacd and DVD-a collection! Herzlichen Dank,


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