Rejuvenating R 80 Part II

as you see on the images I exchanged the oil and also cleaned the bearing ball with alcohol. David Kharmeli and Benjamin Dusch were very helpful in providing hints. You might have an idler wheel made of rubber or vulkulan (the yellow one). By using the dip stick you may check the fluid level of the oil. It is a kind of special synthetic oil completed with some additives.

For the next 10 years I will not touch the bearing anymore…

2 thoughts on “Rejuvenating R 80 Part II

  1. Eckart,

    That is what is so wonderful about this turntable. It out performs most every table made today…and it’s over 60 years old! It will outlast you and I.
    Nicely done.



    • Norman,

      the R 80 has no feltbrake like the 927. Everything is steered by the Dusch Multiconverter, a fantastic unit. You know I am running the Micro Seiki with a double platter and two motors, the air bearing Caeles II with two motors, the Continuum with an antivibration unit, the DD Brinkmann Oasis with a dampening unit from Poland and the DD JVC Victor TT 101 in a special slate chassis. I love all these tables as they are combined with excellent phono stages. I guess some day I also have to sell a unit as I will do with the DD Denon 100. Many people ask me what I like most? I have to answer they are all different, also depending on the tonearm and carts I am using. The EMT R 80 is a great contender as it really is such an old and fantastic unit. I was tempted to sell it for a good price but in the end I decided it may stay with me to the rest of my days. You are right in your admiration as you know the system. I sometimes smile about the prices of new benchmark tables, usually going over 100 to 400 K. And people pay these prices.
      Maybe some audiophile lovers will call me crazy as I am running so many phono chains coupled with an excellent digital system. Guess they do understand that in an especially designed listening room you may enjoy music in a good way. On the other hand it makes fun to build together and experiment with all these different installations, trying to improve wherever I see an opportunity doing so.
      Thanks for your contribution.


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