Using my dCS Bartok as a streamer (also including a DAC and an upsampler) I put some more improvements in my streaming line – just listening to Christian Mc Bride-The Q sessions.

I am using a Scarlatti clock in 44.1 modus running to the Scarlatti transport. The SRS is put after the Scarlatti clock and improves the clocking. Using my Bartock I am able to transport signals via Vivaldi modus (AES 1 , AES 2) from the Scarlatti transport. This is my setting in the big system.

I began streaming with the Bartock using a 20m Refine Audio CAT8 LAN to the Nuprime Switch containing clock (!) and noise reduction features. Between the router (FritzBox) and the switch (Nuprime) I put a galvanisator/ionisator from Emosafe EN70 e connecting with Furutech LAN 8NCFO 0,6 m. Another Refine Audio LAN cable connects the router to the switch. I am also using two separate power supplies for the router and switch having exchanged fuses and especially made power connections from silver (not seen in the shown pictures so far). The power supplies, router and switch are put into a power stabilisation unit from Dynavox (There might be better ones but it is ok for the moment).

The Refine Audio cables are the best cables so far, really providing substance, space and transparency. I also like the bass management. look at the fine terminations.

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