100% analogue

A beautifully recorded swinging session. The 1 step production is an excellent way to bring the music to the spoiled audiophile connoisseur. I am not delighted by the female singer anyway but all the other songs are great in their swinging mood and recording excellence.

the recording technology sounds familiar to me 😀. The new owner of the fantastic Studer reel to reels in Taipeh will applaude…

5 thoughts on “100% analogue

  1. Eckart,

    Seeing your reel to reel machines makes me really miss my Pioneer RT-1050 half track! Maybe I should not have sold that one? I do have one that I was planning on having restored and using again, just hard to find the time.

    Very nice post. I am more a ‘Jazz Trio’ fan than that of ‘Swinging Jazz’, but I will see about finding a copy for a listen.



  2. Norman,

    Thanks for your answer. Yes, the good reel to reels I am missing too. I still have the ASC. I got about 50 well copied master tapes. Regarding all my other activities in analogue and digital I will be not able to enlarge the tape compartment. Anyway it is always good to copy some of them on DSD MiniSDs and carry them around.

    Enjoy your system and the music
    Your music partner



  3. btw. we just recorded another session. same studio, same band, same mics, same neve, same studer –different singer, different music. you’re going to like it 🙂


    • Vol II will hopefully, cross your fingers, spit over your left shoulder and touch wood, be released this year. it’s more material from the same session – not leftovers, but songs that just didn’t fit stylistically on the 2-LP set. (actually, i like Vol II almost better than the double album. and since Denise was the singer for the entire session, you’ll hear (from) her on Vol II – but the songs suit her, her voice and her style better. (otoh, what is it that you don’t like so much about denise? she’s ferpect for blues and gospel and maybe less so for the great american songbook. but to do her justice, listen to her rendition of Blow Top Blues – and imagine her “walking down Broadway wearing nothing but a smile”!

      last week’s session was with a smaller band and a different style. by the speed the LPs are pressed, you’ll maybe be able to order the 2022 album in late 2025… arrgh!


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