5 thoughts on “A Love Supreme – Acetat

  1. Eckart,
    I have to a little research. I don’t own any acetate records. Are these similar to direct to disc recordings?
    You have inspired me to listen to Coltrane all evening. I think I have ever record he ever recorded. I also have an original mono of Love Supreme. It sound extraordinary.
    Please let’s us know how the acetate sounds!


    • Norman,
      For this project, Universal Music Group, the world leader in music-based entertainment, provided access to its archives containing the greatest recordings from over a century of music history. Supersense Mastercut Records are cut directly from completely unedited 1:1 copies of carefully selected original tapes of carefully selected sound recordings.

      Supersense in Vienna is using acetate lacquer of finest quality, manufactured by MDC in Japan. Each MASTERCUT has a metal core covered by a thin layer of beautifully smelling, shining, black lacquer.
      The rumour that acetate lacquer discs are crumbling to dust like mummies as soon as they come in direct contact with light or fresh air can be clearly be considered a rumour.

      In the common record production process, the “Mastercut” disc serves solely as a template from which the pressing stamper is derived and which is destroyed in that process. But in this edition, each and every record is the original Mastercut, hand-cut directly into a lacquer disc.

      There are some advices how to handle Acetat recordings. No washings and no touching of the surface with bare hands or fingers is advised. One should use the cueing lever on the turntable to raise and lower the needle. Hare never truly steady and it’s easy to slip up and gouge the grooves of a record or even break the needle on your cartridge. Never drop or abruptly pick up the needle on a Supersense Acetate Record especially as it is fading out. Over time it starts to hear ticks and pops as the Supersense Acetat Record is gradually getting gouged in those areas. It is better to use the cueing lever and aim to cue up a song just before the music starts so that the needle SLOWLY drops in the silent area of the grooves and not in the areas with music. Also, wait for the music to fade out completely or stop before picking up the needle. It’s even better to play an entire album side straight through.

      Norman, the sound is fantastic. No noise, full dynamics and great resolution. The best one may hear from a record!!!



  2. Eckart,
    Thank you for the description and review. I loved the humor (crumbling to dust like mummies) =)
    You might consider making a half track copy and playing the tape to save the record from wear, since the vinyl is thin. Off to browse the UMG website to see what’s available.


  3. Lieber Eckart,
    Wie lagerst du das Acetat? In der Hülle in der das Acetat von Supersense verschickt wurde, in einer gefütterten Innenhülle, in der man die Vinyls lagert, oder in etwas dritten? Ich frage daher, weil ich mir eine Kopie der ersten Ausgabe des Love Supreme Acetats damals auf Grund der Einzigkeit des Projekts gekaut habe, aber es bisher noch nicht gespielt habe. Weil eben die Acetate als sehr empfindlich gelten und wenn ich es spielen werde, dann erst auf meinem neuen High End-Dreher, der wohl noch in diesem Jahr angeschafft wird. Ich habe top-Kopien der Erstpressung sowohl in Mono- als auch in Stereo.

    Viele Grüße


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