Julian Lage Trio

finally we arrived at Big Apple. The Julian Lage Trio played at the very tiny and cozy Village Vanguard club. These guys with Jorge Roeder and Dave King are a harmonically and well trained support for the beautiful guitar playing Julian Lage and might be one of the Jazz-Superstars in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Julian Lage Trio

  1. Eckart,
    Wonderful! I’ve been to New York nearly 200 times, and have never been to the Village Vanguard. I know I know!
    I wish I knew you were going to be there. I would have met you for a beer. Maybe next time?



  2. Norman,
    I did book long time ago via my family in Atlanta. 5 years ago I was able to enjoy a wonderful concert with 8 saxophones at the Blue Note Club. Will not forget these adventures. We should meet there some day in one of the many Jazz Clubs we have not seen yet. A friend of mine in San Francisco, Robert, told me there are some left 🙂



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