ToXiom arm on Victor JVC 101

FullSizeRender (2)

the ToXiom arm is an absolute individual production, bringing together the Acoustical System’s  superb Axiom tonearm and 6 different TOHO tubes, made of different materials.

It is here played with a Shilabe cartridge. The sound is running via a Zanden II phonopre allowing an excellent playback.


One thought on “ToXiom arm on Victor JVC 101

  1. Dear Conchan,
    what a fantastic one of a kind tonearm! The entire set seems much interesting and makes me very curious about the performance of the whole combination. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge on your site. I am following it for a couple of months and it´s been a great inspirational source for me.
    Grüße aus Frankfurt,


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