Scott La Faro

Whenever I discover new/old music of Bill Evans I am puzzled about his La Faro/Motion Trio in the beginning of the sixties, some sixty years ago!

Recently I got a new CD comprising a lost/never published concert of Bill Evans in the 70ies in very good quality just published by the Foundation.

Another highlight is the MoFi pressing of the Bill Evans Trio at Village Vanguard featuring Scott La Faro. The pressing is such terrific beating all other pressings you only will believe it when you hear Scott La Faro playing his tunes…




One thought on “Scott La Faro

  1. Eckart,

    I agree. Lafaro was a powerful musician. With this trio, for me it’s Evans that makes everything work. Some times when listening to Eliane Elias, Brad Mehldau, or more so Tord Gustavesen you hear that special ‘Bill Evans’ touch on the piano and it’s wonderful.

    Personally, Bill Evans is my all time favorite. I will look for the new CD.



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