New Silver Cabel

I know that it is an ongoing discussion whether to use copper or silver cable. Silver cable has a lot of advantages especially at the electrical conductive side.
In this voltage swing in the lower mili-volt area and current at some yA the electrical conductibility is of high relevance for keeping the micro-details of the recording. Silver is at 6% better in its electrical conductibility. Today most highly rated Audio companies in the field of phono appliances only use silver wiring.

I did so for my Denon S-Tube. It wasn ´t easy opening the tube as the inner plastic covering is melted with the outer wall. Typical for professional machines of that time?

Nevertheless Dietrich Brakemeier of Acoustical Systems did a really good job on exchanging the wiring. You will hear the difference at once!

These are my two DDs, now the S-tube of the Denon is on today´s best quality standard. And with the new Furutech sockets…

5 thoughts on “New Silver Cabel

  1. I aree that silver is the better choice. People forgets that silveroxide is a good conductor. Oxydides copper is non-conductive. The best phono silver cable I have tried is a coaxial AVG 38 experimental one with (too) thin Teflon insulation.


    • Luigi,
      We used altered silver litz from the production of Siemens in the 1980ies.
      American Wire Gauge? AWG?



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