Mofi 1 step pressing: Michael Jackson – Thriller

My unit has arrived, No. 17141. The LP is absolutely clean, a good pressing – no reclamation as I have heard from others. The sound is great, good sonic quality, full of dynamics. We have to understand that the first pressings in 1982 were made at the period of soundboosters. So full of compression and not made for high enders like us. The re-mastering by Mofi took away the typical artefacts and shows how good the original recording is. Just saw the movie „Elvis“ on the flight when I returned from Asia, two days after his daughter died. These guys made really fantastic music. Such a pity they are not with us today anymore.

I would like to know from MOFI how many stampers they used? Typically for this kind of „expensive“ mastering and pressing is a stamper for 800 discs. In the case of 40000 units they should have used 50 stampers. We should get an answer on this, otherwise MOFI will ruin its business model on 1 step pressings.

3 thoughts on “Mofi 1 step pressing: Michael Jackson – Thriller

  1. That is absolutely right. It seems the musical standards of our society are declining, whatever the genre you may take for your analysis. The exceptions are getting fewer and far between.


  2. i doubt your figure of 800 LPs per 1-step stamper. my experience is that audible sound degradation starts around 700…750. so MoFi will probably set the limit lower, maybe 700 max. add to this rhe sad and expensive fact that not all stampers will survive that many cycles since 1step-stampers are thinner and not as robust as their 3step brethren.

    an average of 500 to 650 LPs per 1step stamper is likely more realistic. which makes the production even more expensive. ( and immensly boring for the poor cutting engineers, that have to cut one lacquer per stamper in real time. i’m pretty sure, they can’t stand to listen to even 5 seconds of thriller.)


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