I am wondering that many people are not aware of the qualities of this legendary Denon DD 100M. Maybe it is because of the long distance to the golden Japanese phono area? I am not sure. But together with the EMT 927 / R 80 this is one of the great master players of the last century.

using vintage gear you sometimes need to make some changes. Here I exchanged the output connectors of the Denon 100 M with new Furutech ones. The change is quite listenable. It also improves the stability.

2 thoughts on “Substitution

  1. Eckart,

    I’m looking into this one. It’s quite rare. Of course the broad cast frame makes for an exceptionally stable platform. I once owned a Panasonic SP-10, (yes, it had a Panasonic label, not Technics) which also had some success in broadcast but wasn’t built quite so heavy as your Denon. I used my SME 3012 (first addition) with it and it was very nice. Another table I should have kept, and so it goes. =)

    Isn’t that where the EMT used to sit? Excellent post!



    • Norman,

      Everything for the 100M what could be done is implemented, new Furutech connectors, a silver litz from AS in the tonearm, quite an expensive carbon platter on top of it – and an excellent cartridge.
      The builders of phono tables today are heading into a different direction. The old German and Japanese makers like EMT, Denon, Micro Seiki, Victor-JVC are the ones I prefer – vintage ones of high quality and intelligent functions.
      Sometimes I do not understand that people prefer other modern brands which are running into the 30ies or 40ies, just to have a new one!
      But this is the world and we need to be happy with our small life on an island …



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