5 thoughts on “Shipping

    • Norman,
      You know I was selecting only high quality and perfect machines, the EMT was one of them. Of course I will miss it. Nevertheless my room is not big 😂 enough to keep them all. Last week I had a very nice pair of Audio friends visiting me. The lady asked me whether I will use different phono players from day to day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday …etc. You may understand her while she is not able to see the different drive concepts, tonearms, phono pres and cartridges I am combining. They also said they have never seen such a system and the sound it produces.



  1. E.,
    I understand. When I sold my EMT I thought to myself, it’s okay, I have other fine turntables. But then when using the others, silly small things came to light. Like the feel of your fingertips on the platter when you touch it to slow it to a stop after playing a record. The smooth, solid and precision feel of the speed selector.
    They was music, especially solo piano seems to leap from the grooves. The utter silence between passages on any LP you play. I could go on an on, and of course you know all of these things..

    It could quite possibly be the finest turntable ever made.

    Loved your post on the Denon…. Makes me wonder.



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